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Ticket To Ride: Europa 1912

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    Thousands flocked to Sweden for the 1912 Stockholm Olympics…

    • French aviator Henri Seimet made the first non-stop flight from Paris to London…
    • Explorer Roald Amundsen announced to the world that his team, via skis and dog sled, had successfully reached the South Pole…
    • and tragically, over 1,500 were lost when the Titanic struck ice on it's maiden sea voyage… -
      Far-off travel and heroic adventure sparked the imaginations of countless Europeans who dreamed of "seeing the world". While exotic travel could be attempted only by a few, the great rail lines of Europe more than fulfilled the romantic travel dreams of the rest - the Flying Scotsman from Edinburgh to London; the Chemins de fer de Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée; and the legendary Orient Express from London to Istanbul.

      To relive this classic era of European train travel Days of Wonder introduces Ticket to Ride Europa 1912 - a new expansion for this award-winning train game series.

      This expansion delivers 55 new Destination Tickets (plus the originals) and 3 new ways to play Ticket to Ride Europe; and introduces Warehouses & Depots - new game rules and pieces that can be played with ANY of the Ticket to Ride maps.


    • DOW720111
    • Ages: 8+
    • Players: 2-5
    • Playing Time: 30-60 minutes
    • Author: Alan R. Moon


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