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Shadowrun Novel: Shadows Down Under

Item #: CAT26860 [9781942487289]
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Price: $13.95

    Someone–or something–is killing nightclub entertainers in Kings Cross, Australia. Striking from the shadows, methodical, heinous, the murderer has wrapped the bawdy, colorful neighborhood in a suffocating blanket of terror.

    Ninniniru “Ninn” Tossing, a trouble private investigator on the run from her past, joins forces with Barga, an elderly Aborigine shaman, to uncover the truth behind the malevolent force–and put themselves on the Cross Slayer’s list. But can they defeated the darkness, survive Sydney’s powerful mana storm, and reach the true heart of the evil threatening the city? Their search takes them from the gritty alleys filled with gang symbols and worse to beneath the swatter-filled harbor bridge over shark-infested waters.

    As their investigation depends, soon the Cross Slayer isn’t the only foe stalking them. Nine and Barga have to put all their trust in each other if they’re going to bring the Slayer to justice, uncover the conspiracy behind the murders, and stay alive long enough to do both.


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