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Dragon Dice: Dragoncrusader/ Dragonzealots Kicker

Item #: SFR2015
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Price: $11.95

    When the battles rage in Esfah, you need all the protection you can get. Now Dragon Dice™ generals can call on the newest Eldarim champions, as SFR, Inc. introduces the latest additions to the race, the Dragoncrusader and Dragonzealots. This set of extra-large dice follows in the footsteps of the earlier Eldarim champions as powerful and tough specialists. The white Dragoncrusaders and elemental-colored Dragonzealots are defensive champions extraordinaire, and add a host of new possibilities for your armies. The Dragoncrusader and Dragonzealots are designed to complete the promotion line for the Eldarim race. As defensive specialists, they are the pinnacle of the Shieldbearer line. These new champions are loaded with special action icons (SAIs) that give protection to your Dragon Dice™ armies. In addition, the Dragoncrusaders and Dragonzealots have the ability to control dragons, preventing them from attacking your army and allowing you to use the dragon to attack your opponents. One item of interest to collectors is that for the first time the powerful “Bash” SAI will appear on a unit die.

    Note: This is not a complete game and requires the base game to play.


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