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Captain Carcass (SALE)

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    Players: 2-4
    Playing Time: 10-15 Min
    Ages: 8+

    Welcome to Captain Carcass, a world of underwater adventure and danger. Captain Carcass is a 2-4 player game that is a press-your-luck style game that many have described as "Incan Gold meets Blackjack".

    There are 10 suits in the game and 6 cards of each suit. Players take turns revealing cards. Play until you choose to "bank" your cards and keep them for scoring at the end of the game, or press your luck too far and "bust" if you reveal a 2nd card of the same suit in your turn. When the deck runs out players sum the highest card from each of the 10 suits and the highest score wins! Simple right? Well each of the 10 suits has a special ability which is activated every time a card is played, making for some clever combinations and some difficult decisions. Press your luck to get ahead and risk losing everything!


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