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Darklands: Ulmons, Tarask of Var

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    The armies of the stone cities, in their haste to reconquer the lands they lost to the Val, the Frank and the other innumerable barbarians of the north, bring to battle some of the most fearsome and obdurate beasts of war from their eastern empire, brutes of un-nature to terrify and send to rout all but the most stout-hearted of those that oppose them. The Tarask, a colossal reptile of plate and horn and ferocious spite originally from the plains of Galattia, a blood-crazed fiend that will fight to its own death for the merest scrap of meat, is bred and kept gorged in the propagation camps of Provincia Nostra for but one purpose - killing barbarians. Ulmons - literally "Big One" - is a particularly vicious and ill-tempered example of the Tarask, one that needs no goading nor incitement to battle, a murderous beast the Auxilia Bestiarii struggle to control even when sated yet, when unleashed upon their enemies, causes destruction so savage that the cohors themselves barely need to raise their swords. His name is now a battle-cry, a victory-call, a promise of death that frequently sends the barbarians back to their hovels before they can even see their worst nightmare on this earth.

    Ulmons is a complex, multi-part resin miniature that is supplied unassembled and unpainted. It will require trimming and cleaning before assembly, priming and painting.


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