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Darklands: Ornung, Bone Orc Shaman

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    Among the tribes of the Bone Orcs and the knowledge of Men few individual green-skins have become as notorious as Ornung. A shaman of the northern cabal in thrall to the warlord Gulguta, Ornung's usefulness in the wars against the hated kingdoms of Man has been proven time and again. The magicks of the Bone Orcs are those of the dead, of the bones and the innards the dead leave behind, for whilst their souls have left them their strength has not, and Ornung is a master of using that strength to augment Gulguta's warriors and destroy Gulguta's enemies. In truth Ornung is rewarded well for his prowess by his warlord, with slaves and menials and as much man-meat as he desires, yet he also knows that if he does not perform his magicks the brutal creed of the Bone Orc tribes would ensure his life would be one of torment and pain. Such is the way of the green-skin.

    Ornung is a complex, multi-part resin miniature that is supplied unassembled and unpainted. It will require trimming and cleaning before assembly, priming and painting.


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