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Darklands: Oacyning, Lord of the Oak-Enta

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    In the dark heart of the forests, in the places the sun rarely sees and the air breathes still, lie the realms of the enta, the lords of the woodlands and the stonegrounds. These giants of bark and leaf care little for the lives of those outside their lands but the desecration of their ancient groves, the discordant music of axe cutting tree and the abhorrent crackle of burning branches causes them to stir and grumble as they have never done before. Oácyning himself, the Lord of the Oak-Enta, has awakened from his slumbers to raise his kin to war, for he has had enough dealings with man and their enemies to know their disregard for the enta and, indeed, any creature or place they do not understand. Thus are Oácyning and his tree-men seen abroad, wrathful and implacable, terrible fiends of wood and stone that can tear down walls and lay waste to cities should they ever wish to, a reminder of the power of the natural world and the beings that are loyal to their origins.

    Oácyning is a complex, multi-part resin miniature that is supplied unassembled and unpainted. It will require trimming and cleaning before assembly, priming and painting.


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