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Darklands: Nagausith, Black AElf Augurer

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    In the annals of the Black Ælves few are regarded so hatefully as Nagausith Evenhand, for she is a warrior born, a beauty of the Black King's retinue and Augurer of His Grand Army who surpasses her male counterparts both in martial skill and courtly intrigue. Thus, her enemies are legion, for many who serve Him covet her position, her influence, her elegance, her beauty; yet none dare act against her openly, for her lineage is strong and her determination stronger. Any slight, no matter how small, is avenged without pause; anyone in that stands in her path to the highest honours and accolades in His retinue find themselves discredited, or broken, or simply murdered. Some whisper that she desires the hand of the King himself, such is her ambition. Nagausith's motives, however, are secrets she keeps within herself.

    Nagausith is a complex, multi-part resin miniature that is supplied unassembled and unpainted. It will require trimming and cleaning before assembly, priming and painting.


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