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Folio Series No.6 Middle Creek

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    In a fight that largely determined the fate of eastern Kentucky, two small armies clashed along the swollen tributary of Middle Creek. An officer of some promise, Humphrey Marshall, generaled the CSA. A relative unknown commanded the USA by the name of James A. Garfield.

    At the end of the day, Marshall had no choice but to withdrawal. His supplies were thin and he was fearful of his army deserting. The battle unmade his reputation and he was barely heard from again. The Federals, conversely, celebrated a victory. Colonel Garfield earned a brigadiers star, and took the first step along the road that eventually led to the White House.

    1 28-Page Rules Book
    1 4-Page Exclusive Rules Book
    1 12-page Examples of Play and Glossary/Index
    140 half-inch full-color, die-cut counters
    1 22x17 Map/Playing Surface
    Charts and Tables


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