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GuildBall: Rulebook With Sleeve [SALE]

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    Guild Ball is a table-top skirmish game. Drawing influence from medieval "mob football", teams of players clash to ensure their team is victorious and the crowds of ravenous fans are well entertained. All this comes second to furthering the political interests of the powerful guilds that fund the sport, where a sudden goal or public assassination can swing the delicate balance of power. The game mechanics are intuitive whilst allowing for a wealth of tactical actions and varied play styles. Limited resources ensure that planning and quick-thinking will work to a player's advantage.

    Presented in full-colour, the Guild Ball A4 Rulebook contains everything you need to know to start playing, including:

  • A history and description of the Sovereign States of the Empire of the Free Cities
  • Exciting accounts of key games and moments from the player's perspectives
  • Everything you need to know about the Season 1 players, including their stories and game statistics
  • Full game rules
    The book also comes with a protective sleeve, keeping this essential tome safe and dust-free.
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