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Zombicide: Toxic Crowd

Item #: CMNGUG0015 [817009015603]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $19.95

    With Season 2 comes the launch of the Box of Zombies series. These boxes allow you to increase the size of your zombie horde! Add more fodder to the fight and swarm the survivors with expanded normal, berzerker and toxic zombie sets. You can even throw some zombie dogs in for an added level of excitement and a new twist in your games of Zombicide! 

    15 Berserker Walkers (5 are mix of 2 Box of Zombies only sculpts)
    • 6 Berserker Runners
    • 3 Berserker Fatties (2 of one Box of Zombies only sculpt)
    • 6 Zombie spawn cards


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