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Zombicide: Toxic City Mall

Item #: GUG014 CMNGUG0014, GUG0014 [817009015597]
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Price: $65.44

    Shopping malls are a classic zombie movie setting... experience Toxic City Mall and "shopping" will get a brand new meaning! Toxic City Mall is an expansion usable in Season 1 AND Prison Outbreak. It contains new features to expand your Zombicide games and enrich your experience with new friends and enemies, as well as new game tiles, equipment cards and rules.

    Engage in the 10 missions of the rulebook or create your own! The Mall tiles expand game opportunities and strategies, especially if you use the new barricades or rubble to improve your Zombicide gaming experience.


    - 4 mall-themed reversible game tiles

    - 43 miniatures including 4 new survivors in their human and zombivor versions, 29 Toxic Zombies miniatures and the Zombivor versions of Season 1 survivors

    23 equipment cards

    - tokens to improve your missions, such as barricades and rubble coming in 2 sizes to block paths and maximize the tactical aspects of your missions

    - new rules and game modes such as Zombivor rules, how to play dead, and Ultrared mode to reach superheroic levels and use the marvelous Ultrared weapons


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