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Great War: Core Rulebook (HC)

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    Great War, World War One Battles of 1918, is a 72-page book that includes:

  • Great War History.
  • History of the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, Battle of Soissons, and the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.
  • Flames Of War Great War rules for fighting the battles of 1918.
  • Options to field German Infanterie and Stoss companies with supporting A7V panzers in the offensives of 1918.
  • Field a British Rifle Company and stop the German offensives, or go on the attack supported by the Army’s great new war machines: Mark IV, Mark V and Whippet tanks.
  • Field a French Colonial or Metropolitan Companie de Fusiliers as they drive the Germans from France with the aid of their Schnieder CA.1 and Char Saint Chamond heavy tanks, as well as the nimble FT-17 light tank.
  • Field an American Rifle Company with French tanks, British tanks, or your own American FT-17 tanks in support.
  • History of how tanks were developed.
  • Six Great War missions and mission rules.
  • Inspirational painting guides and colour photos.
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