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Takenoko: Chibis

Item #: ASUSTAK04 MT-TAK-CHI-002 MT-CHI-021 [3770000010312]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $29.99

    • Players: 2-4
    • Ages: 8+
    • Playtime: 45 min
    • Complexity: 1.98 / 5

    The Panda family is about to get a little bit bigger with the addition of Miss Panda and nine, count 'em, nine Panda babies. The Gardener is going to have his work cut out for him. Takenoko Chibis adds new Objective cards, Plot tiles and Pandas.

    New landscape features like the Sacred Hills and the Kamis Garden will change the lay of the land in the Royal Gardens. It's up to the players to complete their goals and make sure the Pandas are one big happy family!

    NOTE: As this game is an expansion pack - you must have the base Takenoko game in order to play.


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