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Flip the Bird - RGS00506 [859930005063]
Flip the Bird - RGS00506 [859930005063]

Flip the Bird

Item #: RGS00506 [859930005063]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $9.95

    Flip the Bird is a fast-paced card game where 2-6 players compete over a number of rounds to be the first to score 200 points. Different birds have specific numeric and color value but things get crazy as action and condition cards can change the rules of the game. Watch out! Because just when you least expect it someone will flip the bird...and reset the card pile!

    Game design by Jeff Bellinger, acclaimed designer behind the Killer Bunnies card game
    Easy to learn, never the same game twice
    Play anywhere, portable size!
    Quick-play: turns are less than a minute
    Supported by future stand alone decks that will be fully compatible
    Simple and quick to demo
    Great for in-store tournaments

    54 flip the bird cards
    drawstring flip the card bag
    rules sheet

    Players: 2-6
    Ages: 10+
    Playtime: 20-30 min 


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