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SnapGammon - VPG96136
SnapGammon - VPG96136


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    SnapGammon is a unique new board game inspired by Backgammon where 2 cowboys (or cowgirls) race to move their cows to the train, hitting other cows along the way and sending them into the other cowpen.

    Players can try to keep their cows safe and slow their opponent's progress by stacking more than 1 cow in a single location.

    Special Power cards let players bend the rules of the game for their strategic advantage. For example, one card allows a player to swap one of their pieces for one of the other player's pieces. Other cards allow players to change the values of the dice or even use both the tops and bottoms of the dice when moving.

    Several different variations are included in addition to the Power cards. Crazy Dice replace the normal dice with special versions that have different numbers on their faces, including an 8 and even a "-1", which allows players to move backward one space. And SnapGammon keeps the stampede rolling by allowing players to hit spaces even if they have two or more cows on them, making for a truly wild Western experience.

    one 12-page, full-colour rules booklet
    one paper game mat
    36 power cards
    33 tokens
    4 standard dice
    2 crazy dice (minor assembly required)
    1 doubling cube (minor assembly required)
    3 dice sticker sheets

    Players: 2
    Ages: 13+
    Playtime: 20 min 

    Ages: 13+ Players: 2 Playing Time: 60 Minutes


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