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Worker Placement: Cash Is King (SALE)

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    Big money jobs are up for grabs, and now with the Worker Placement expansion pack up to 6-8 players can battle for temp agency supremacy in The City! In addition to the extra game cubes, player tokens, and new rules included in this expansion, you'll also find over 100 new game cards including three new card types:

    Buildings - Like all the other buildings on The City game board, players gain a benefit when they place their workers here. If you are the player who owns the building, though, you also gain a benefit.

    Exclusive Contracts - You can claim any Job card as an exclusive, which means that no other player can send their workers to fill the Job. The only drawback is that your workers must fill this exclusive contract before they can tackle any other Job.

    Double Skills - Specialised training gives your workers a double Skill instead of just one.

    Add the Cash is King expansion pack to your Worker Placement game and step up to the big leagues!


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