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Wild Talents: This Favored Land

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    "This Favored Land" is a sourcebook for the "Wild Talents" roleplaying game set during the American Civil War. Players take the role of The Gifted, ordinary people who (by divine providence or pure chance) have been granted extraordinary powers. Occasionally seen as saviours, they are most often scorned and hunted as sorcerers and demons, witches and charlatans.

    Whether heroes or villains, The Gifted are forced by the superstitions of the day to hide from public scrutiny. But they can't escape their nation's greatest crisis. Whether they are spying for the Confederacy in Washington, riding with Quantrill in Missouri, or marching with Sherman through Georgia, The Gifted must make the difficult choice between using their powers and avoiding the dangers of discovery. If The Gifted can survive the ordeals of war, they (like their nation) will be changed forever.

    Written by Allan Goodall and illustrated by Todd Shearer, "This Favored Land" includes everything you need for a thrilling Civil War campaign: Detailed rules adapting "Wild Talents" to the war; weapons and rules for the deadly injuries that made Civil War battles so infamous; an in-depth history of the Civil War; a complete scenario to begin play at once; and much more. 


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