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Wild Talents: eCollapse

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    A world of passion, power, and poorly-considered philosophies. Welcome to the future. The economy's in a coma, civil order runs on inertia, and biotech "superpowers" are so cheap that bus station schizophrenics are getting them. Huge storms ravage the coasts and the U.S. is under martial law. Even the Internet is unreliable. 

    What do you do? How do you fight for your beliefs? Riot? Sacrifice? March on Washington?

    Maybe put on a mask and cape?

    "eCollapse" is a complete setting for Wild Talents and the One-Roll Engine, tweaked to emphasize the role destiny plays in heroism and villainy. It also contains a dedicated rules set, the Smear of Destiny, that uses cards and memory to emphasize player engagement. Either way, it's all about masks, capes, evil and good. 


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