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Cult TV: The Guru & Kali

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    The Guru is the head of the mysterious and evil SHIVA organization. His eyes are said to be almost hypnotic, such is the utter devotion he instils in each one of his many followers. Feel his contempt for the enfeebled forces of good as he stands on a prostrate minion to gloat of his power.

    Kali is an orphan raised in the ways of SHIVA. She is a deadly assassin, and in never far from the side of the Guru. Armed with poison knife and blowpipe, she is like the avenging wind in the night.

    The Guru and Kali are available as a pair or as individual models. Rules for The Guru and Kali are given in the 7TV rulebook, with updated rules available in the Villains or SHIVA Program Guides

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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