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Bushido: The Savage Wave: Bakemono

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    3 Miniatures are included.

    Mothers often warn their children whilst young 'don’t wander off or the Bakemono will get you!' said more in jest than warning. Little did they know that the monsters of fable would soon become reality.

    Although small in size and strength, the Bakemono demons which have appeared are vicious and live by no observable code of honour. Some sages and lunatics alike blame their appearance on the sins of the weak willed.

    When in numbers the Bakemono appear fearless and swarm forward from the shadows, a tide of hate intent on drowning those before them. The will of the brave faltering and the sky darkening is often a prelude to their appearance.

    The behaviour of the Bakemono witnessed so far, usually in the company of Oni suggest a tribal race and like their demonic brethren their ultimate goals remain unknown.

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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