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PS4: NBA 2K15

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    Building on the huge success of NBA 2K13, 2K Sports brings you NBA 2K14, the latest incarnation of this acclaimed basketball series. This time, 2K joins forces with the league's most dominant force: LeBron James, and with a soundtrack hand-picked by the King, refined controls featuring Pro Stick, Signature Skills, and more, NBA 2K14 will raise the bar yet again.

    Product Features
    • Dynamic Living Rosters powered by Stats, Inc: Player attributes and tendencies automatically update to reflect real-time hot and cold streaks; every game they play will affect every game you play
    • Pro Stick: Show off your jaw-dropping moves, pull off hard-to-get shots, and toss flashy no-look passes with crazy accuracy
    • King James Soundtrack: Featuring artists and tracks hand-picked by LeBron himself, it includes JAY Z, Eminem, The Black Keys, Daft Punk, and more
    • Signature Skills: Six Signature Skills represent each NBA player's unique abilities in the most authentic way
    • Signature Styles: New jump shots, dunk and layup packages, dribble moves, free throws, pre-game intros, getbacks, celebrations and more
    • Depth of Content: With significant upgrades in nearly every aspect of the game, you get more animation content than any previous basketball title, and more than 3000 new animations
    • Eco-motion Engine: Combining real-life physics, player emotion and deep controls, this dynamic gameplay engine delivers a boundless variety of actions and reactions
    • MyCAREER: Take your MyPLAYER through an epic journey and story on and off the court
    • The Park: Immerse yourself in this massive-multiplayer playground mode, where up to 100 MyPLAYERS can play ball, socialize, watch games, and more, in a single Park
    • MyGM: Create a general manager, develop your management style through attributes, manage your relationships with players and staff, achieve goals, and more, all in an effort to earn a championship


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