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PS4: Bound By Flame (SALE)

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    If you can't fight them, join them, but can you harness a dark power for good? Take on the challenge of playing host to a demon of flames and calling upon its devastating powers to fight your enemies in this action-packed Bound by Flame video game from Majesco. Wade in spectacular battles with your finely honed skills and specially bound allies. Challenge your willpower and combative skills in this action-packed, role-playing video game in which you play host to a demon whose devastating powers you can harness for your own while you fight to keep your humanity intact Unlock and hone your combat, assassination and fire magic skills Create and improve your armour and weaponry, and entice battle allies and companions through special binds like romance, friendship or rivalry Fight against Shadow dragons, Leeches and the experienced warriors of Dead army Compatible with your PlayStation 4 gaming console


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