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Victory in Europe

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    Players maneuver their armies on an area map of Europe, fighting for control of key victory cities and critical resources. Air, naval, and ground units are all involved. Battles are fought when enemy units clash in the same area.

    The early war 1939-1941 is driven by the axis, but gradually the Allies become stronger and usually take the initiative by 1943. However, the game need not unfold exactly like history.

    The French may survive 1940, the Germans may invade Britain. Germany may attack Russia in June 1941 or attack earlier, or later, or not at all. The Soviets may attack germany first which was likely their plan.

    The USA might enter the war in 1942, perhaps earlier, perhaps later. All of these decisions are made by the players, influenced by diplomatic events that are controlled by game events. Invading neutral countries such as Norway or Belgium has consequences.

    Players: 2 - 4 | Playing Time: 90-120 minutes | Ages: 12 +


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