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The Esoterrorists: Core Rulebook [2ND EDITION]

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    From the depths of the Outer Dark howl dread entities of fathomless malignity, eager to devour our very identities! Abetting them in their scheme to shred the barrier between realities are the Esoterrorists, an elusive network of occult conspirators. Only you, the elite investigators of the Ordo Veritatis, with flashlights ready and sidearms drawn, stand in their way! Your task may be daunting, but now you have a new weapon: an enhanced, expanded and updated version of the GUMSHOE roleplaying game that started it all. Incorporating years of advice, actual play experience, and design evolution, The Esoterrorists Enhanced Edition includes all the rules you need to play the game that revolutionized investigative roleplaying. Dripping with ichor and jammed with content, this is the heftier, meatier, definitive tome gamers have been crying out for ever since they laid their paws on the original.


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