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In Her Majesty's Name: The Servants of Ra

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    "My name is Akhenaton, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Shelley, paraphrased by Akhenaton. Dedicated to the restoration of the glory of Egypt under the Pharaohs, the Servants of Ra have reincarnated the spirit of the young pharaoh Akhenaton into a willing subject. Unfortunately for them Akhenaton has his own agenda which (surprise) involves world domination. But first he must collect together a number of items of the sacred Regalia of Ra that have been plundered by western antiquarians and are now on display in major museums and private collections. With each successful recovery he becomes more powerful. Akhenaton dresses in a combination of ancient Egyptian and modern European styles. He wears no physical armour but is well protected by the Regalia of Ra, his Talents and his Mystical Powers. His only physical weapon is the Khopesh of Osiris, which is part of the Regalia and is itself imbued with Mystical Powers. Supporting Akhenaton is Professor Abdul Abulbul Abir, a fanatical Turkish Egyptologist. He is High Priest of Akhenaton’s cult and is responsible for his reincarnation. Professor Abir wears a lined coat of middle-eastern style and carries no weapons; like his Pharaoh, he relies mainly on Mystical Powers in battle. The Professor’s beautiful daughter Sairah is just as fanatical. She also has a particular hatred of westerners – her mother died in a skirmish with the Légion Entrangere. Sairah is the leader of the cult’s Syrian Hashashins who are drug-demented warriors. She fights unarmoured and lightly dressed, relying on a combination of speed, agility, Mystical Powers and a poisoned fighting knife. If Akhenaton is really pushed, the Professor can raise a small number of mummified priests to defend his God-Pharaoh. Like the Prussian Tod-truppen, the Mummies are very hard to put down in a fight. Unlike the Tod-truppen, the Mummies fight with intelligence and have Mystical Powers. The cult of Akhenaton has many followers, but most of them are worth more as worshippers than fighters. If they do get involved in combat, it is with a motley collection of clubs, knives and pistols. The figures are 28mm sized. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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