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Pathfinder: Campaign Setting: Giants Revisited

Item #: PZO9245 [9781601254122]
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    This sourcebook explores the societies, ecologies, mythologies, and secrets of ten of the most memorable races of giant-kind, including hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, fire giants, cloud giants, storm giants, rune giants, marsh giants, taiga giants, and cyclopes. Each chapter includes full statistics for a sample leader or jarl as well as new rules like feats, spells, and magical items crafted not just by these towering monsters, but by those who seek to fight against them.

    • This book is the latest in the “Monsters Revisited” series. Previous best-selling guides include Classic Monsters Revisited, Classic Horrors Revisited, and Undead Revisited. These books are among the most popular in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line.


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