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Hail Caesar: Army Lists: Vol.2 Late Antiquity to Early Medieval

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    This supplement for the Hail Caesar game contains sixty army lists covering the forces of Late Antiquity, the Dark Ages and Early Medieval periods, from the 'crisis' of the turbulent mid-third century to the Mongol invasions of the thirteenth. Each list provides a guide to army composition, suggested game values for troops, and points values for the different units.

    The armies covered are:
    Palmyran, Middle Imperial Roman, Sassanid Persian, Goths, Early Saxon, Franks, Huns, Late Imperial Roman, African Vandals, White Huns, Gepids, Spanish Visigoths, Ostrogothic Italy, Early Byzantine, Lombards, Scots-Irish, Arthurian-British, Welsh, Merovingian Franks, Avars, Picts, Khazars, Arab Conquest, Bulgars, Tang China, Thematic Byzantine, Arab Empire, Carolingean Franks, Pecheneg, Anglo Saxon, Rus, Vikings, Almoravid Moors, Fatamid Egypt, Tagmatic Byzantine, Al-Andalus, Christian Spain, Ghaznavid, Liao China and Kara-Khitan Khaganate, Norman, Seljuk Turks, Feudal French, Feudal Germans, Feudal Polish, Early Hungarian, Ayyubid Egyptians, Sung China, Italo-Norman, Feudal Scots, Early Russian, Khwarazmian Persian, Comnenian Byzantine, Burid and Zengid Syria, Japanese, Plantagenet English, Lombard League, Crusaders, Later Welsh, Teutonic Crusaders, Mongol

    This supplement also includes copious notes on the methods of composition to assist players who wish to create their own armies, together with a breakdown of the system used to work out points values. 


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