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Ender's Game Battle School Board Game

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    Based on the epic movie from Summit Entertainment and director Gavin Hood (from the Orson Scott Card novel) comes a board game of combat in the null gravity arena of the International Fleet’s Battle School. Two fierce rivals square off to see who has the best strategy, the most daring, and the steadiest trigger finger: Ender Wiggin and his Dragon Team or Bonzo Madrid and his Salamander Team.

    Ender and Bonzo are the Commanders of their teams. Their oversized character cards have two sides, with each side featuring two different abilities. Each Commander’s unique abilities will grant bonuses to every member of his team. The abilities you choose will heavily influence your strategy and tactics, but you must also react to the special abilities of the opposing Commander to be victorious.

    Characters maneuver around the null gravity arena with various amounts of control over where they will end up each time they move. When you move, you don’t stop until something, or someone, gets in your way. Teamwork is key! Win by capturing your opponents’ gates or by freezing all of his units with your laser-light guns. Dice are used to resolve combat, but strategy and tactics will rule the day.

    Contents Summary:

    - 1 22” x 22” Game Board
    - 2 Oversized Double-Sided Character Cards
    - 16 Character Pawns
    - 12 Star Terrain Pieces
    - 6 Gate Terrain Pieces
    - 2 Hit Point Markers
    - 4 Six-sided Dice
    - 1 Rulebook

    • Number of Players: 2
    • For Ages: 15 and up
    • Playing Time: 30–45 minutes


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