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Starfinder Adventure: To Defy The Dragon (SC)

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    A fearsome dragon monarch rules over planet Genrovis with an adamantine claw, oppressing its people, hoarding resources, and controlling the world’s dwindling energy. As Genrovis rebels against the dragon’s tyranny, a group of heroes delve into forbidden ruins seeking legendary technology from the ancient past—four one-of-a-kind mechs! But will their mechs be strong enough to take on a dragon?

    To Defy the Dragon is a complete Starfinder adventure for 10th-level characters written by Kendra Leigh Speedling, and features a primer on Genrovis and its secrets as well as new starmetal mech options!

    Sales Points

    • The newest stand-alone Starfinder RPG adventure presents a classic fantasy threat—a dragon—within the context of a far-future science fantasy setting. Dragon-focused products have always generated good sales and strong fan interest.
    • The adventure is designed for 10th-level characters, making it a great option for mid-level Starfinder play.
    • Starfinder is Paizo’s second major roleplaying game, following up the phenomenal success of the game-changing Pathfinder RPG.


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