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Star Saga: The Devil’s Betrayal

Item #: MG-SS108 [5060469662930]
Availability: Coming Soon


    Players: 1-5

    Ages: 14+

    Playtime: 60-120 mins

    Complexity: 3 / 5

    It was a reb outpost, built exactly in the middle of nowhere. Filled with guns and supplies; valuable gear, they would be armed and probably fairly dangerous. But they would also be isolated. No chance of an corporate security, no way they could call in GCPS help. Intercepts of transmissions coming out of the rebs’ outpost mentioned something that made Selvaggio’s heart speed and finger’s twitch: Vector P. The rebshad some. To get it though, he would definitely need help...

    The Devil’s Betrayal is an expansion for Star Saga, detailing new characters, enemies, and missions that offer new challenges and opportunities to explore the game’s setting even further. The mercenaries have been dispatched to Kyoorani Prime, to infiltrate a rebs cell and seize the dangerous sample of Vector P they are holding. This won’t be simple though –the rebs are well armed and led by the ruthless tactical genius, Shayo Silverback.

    Contents: 2 Plastic Mercenaries –EctorZanchez& Nastanza, 2 Plastic Bosses –Erriq Umunsar& Shayo SIlverback, 15 Plastic Rebs Minions, Tiles, Cards, Counters, and Mission Book.

    Miniatures supplied assembled and unpainted.


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