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SPIRIT OF 77 RPG: Wide World of 77

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    Spirit of 77 is back and bigger than ever with its follow-up expansion - Wide World of 77! We’re taking you from the dirty city streets to new destinations like the squared circle, thunder road raceways and brawl-for-it-all skating rinks along with new Roles, Stories and lots of surprises! We’ve also included three wild adventures that take you from the hottest daytime game show to prehistoric lands and funky car wash hijinks. Can you dig it?

    Features: Rules for bringing your play to the Racetrack, the Derby Ball Arena and to the Fighting Rings of 1977

    New Roles: The Gonzo Journalist!, The Stuntman!, The Bounty Hunter!, The Grease-monkey!,The Specialist!

    New Specialty Roles: King of the Ring and the Secret Agent

    New Stories: The Holy Roller!, The Nature Boy!, The Visitor!


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