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Soulmist Core Book - BLSSLMCRBBK [9786188626409]
Soulmist Core Book - BLSSLMCRBBK [9786188626409]

Soulmist Core Book

Item #: BLSSLMCRBBK [9786188626409]
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    Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light is a dark fantasy world Setting based of the famous 5e d20 system. LIGHT or DARKNESS. Where will your Journey lead you? In Soulmist, you enter the world of Fyera as one of its heroes, leading the charge against the forces of the Dark Saints who hide in the shadows beyond the Darklands. The Old People of Fyera have united in Penumbra and in the Lands of the Old Days in order to be victorious between this new struggle. However, this is a war unlike any before it as it is not only fought in the field of battle but the very soul spark of every living creature in Fyera. The victors of this endless war shall determine the colour of these sparks once and for all.


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