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Siege of Valeria  - DMG-SOV001 [672975184391]
Siege of Valeria  - DMG-SOV001 [672975184391]
Siege of Valeria  - DMG-SOV001 [672975184391]

Siege of Valeria

Item #: DMG-SOV001 [672975184391]
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Price: $28.95

      Number of Players: 1
      Playing Time: 30-45 Minutes
      Recommended Ages: 10+

    Do you have what it takes to defend Valeria? For more than a month, the monster-kin have surrounded your fortress at Valeria’s southern border with hordes of monsters and mighty engines of war. Your supplies are nearly exhausted but you’ve rallied your soldiers and holy troops to meet the foe’s latest surge. If you cannot break the siege in seven days, your fortress will fall and the southern border will crumble.

    Siege of Siege of Valeria was forged in the crucible of the COVID-19 restrictions which kept gamers around the world isolated from their gaming groups. In some ways, the game can be viewed as an allegory of our body’s battle against infection. The solo gaming genre is now stronger than ever and SOV is here to tap into that market. The rules are simple but well-written with lots of examples and descriptions of every card in the box. Siege of Valeria is a worthy new title in the Valeria Universe of Games.


    • Exclusively Solo Game - Siege of Valeria was created as a single player game. It’s not a bastardized multiplayer conversion.
    • Multi-Function Cards - Once you slay a Troop card in the battlefield, it goes into your hand where it offers you a unique power to help you defeat more battlefield cards.
    • Tense Puzzle Solving - You have only seven rounds to defeat 13 Siege Engine cards and up to 44 Troop cards. You’ll have to decide which dice will defeat which enemy cards and when to use your hand cards for their powers. You need to avoid the many ways to lose the game and find the one way to win. Good luck!


    • 66 Square Cards
      • 18 Siege Engines
      • 48 Troops
    • 12 Custom Pip Dice
      • 8 Soldier
      • 4 Holy
    • 33 Wood Tokens
      • 15 Impact
      • 9 Strength
        • 9 Magic
    • 37 Mini Cards
      • 18 Champions
      • 18 Events
      • 1 Reference
    • 1 Fortress Board
    • 1 Rule Book


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