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SAIGON 75 - AGS22075-SAIGNON75 [3770009354806]
SAIGON 75 - AGS22075-SAIGNON75 [3770009354806]


Item #: AGS22075-SAIGNON75 [3770009354806]
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Price: $60.95

    Number of Players: 1-2
    Playing Time: 60+ Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 14+

    Saigon 75 is a fast-paced strategy game pitting the “Communist” forces from North Vietnam and the Viet Cong against the “Liberal” forces from South Vietnam. Both sides are fighting for control of the capital. At the end of the Vietnam War, after the US troops have gone home, the North Vietnamese regime plans to take Saigon as quickly as possible against a well-prepared but corrupt South Vietnam.

    Saigon 75 is a simple and fast-playing strategic game, and everything is contained within a few pages of rules and 1 hour of fun, with pressure at every moment!

    After activating some of your units (with a die roll and depending on your turn), you will play an event card from your hand. The activated units can then move and attack. Battles are resolved by special dice rolls, which determine enemy losses and the number of units that must retreat. The event cards are what gives the game its great re-playability.

    The game is highly asymmetrical, with the North Vietnam player having more activations, more events to his advantage, better battle dice, and the ability to conduct assaults on a very wide front, while his opponent has air support as well as parachute and mechanized units.

    There’s also a solo mode that allows you to play as the South Vietnam forces as they attempt to resist the onslaught of an automated enemy, guided by specific cards. 


    • A2 Mounted Gameboard
    • Rulebook
    • 20 Event Cards
    • 10 Solo Cards
    • 13 Different Dice
    • 80 Mixed Tokens
    • 41 Mixed Counters


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