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Rocket Age 5E: Blood Red Mars

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    The red sands of Mars are stained dark with the blood of conqueror and conquered, of explorer and savage beast, of alien and native alike. Mars, the Red Planet, named for some long-dead Earthling god of war has lived up to its namesake. Armies march, archaeologists battle the traps of Ancient Mars, and the warbands of the native Chanari raid the towns of the ‘civilized’ caste with impunity. Life on Mars is one of conflict, of gun and blade, of bow and fang, and of ideas. Freedom cry out the Julandri slaves, faith call back the Kastari priestly sects, mine scream the princes and freebooters!

    Blood Red Mars (5e) brings the Red Planet in all its blood-soaked glory to Rocket Age (5e). Inside you will find: A complete gazetteer of Mars from the Polar Ice Caps, across the Great Silt Sea, and on to the canal valleys and sun blasted deserts. Dozens of story and character hooks for GM and player alike. A look at the organizations, both Martian and Alien, active on Mars that can serve as friends, foils, and foes. An in depth look at the Chanari, the only native culture of Mars that still prospers. New character options for Chanari, Silthuri, and Roboman species. New class options for the Agent, Explorer, Scientist, Scoundrel, and Soldier. Mars focused backgrounds such as Free Legionnaire or Dethroned Prince. New gear from the Chanari fire lance to the silt raider. Expanded artifacts of Ancients Mars such as the portable motion detector and the deadly RAY sword. Deadly flora and fauna of Mars, including the great silt dragon and desert well tree. The Stolen Artifact a complete adventure for Tier 1 characters that should serve as an introduction to Mars. Can our heroes prosper on Mars or will their blood too soak into the sands of the Red Planet?


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