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Pusheen: The Card Game

Item #: RAV60001925 [810558019252]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $23.95

    Players: 2-5

    Playing Time: 10-30 Min

    Ages: 8+

    Complexity: 1.33 / 5

    Pusheen Purrfect Pick is a game about planning a purrfect weekend starring Internet sensation Pusheen the Cat!

    In Pusheen Purrfect Pick, players move Pusheen around the board, collecting essentials as she romps around. Play in Pusheen's house or flip the board over to play in the park! Essentials include friends — like Pusheenicorn or Dragonsheen — or items like gems and cupcakes. Turn in essentials to collect snapshots in which they appear, like Dragonsheen's Lair or a Catfé Date. Each snapshot is worth a certain number of stars. Collect ten stars to win!


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