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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid: Shadow Venjix Theme Pack

Item #: RGS02545 [810011725461]
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Price: $41.95

    • Players: 2 - 5
    • Ages: 14+
    • Playing Time: 45 - 60 Min

    “I am Venjix. Your world is now MY world, and your time is now over.” ― the Venjix Virus

    Venjix is here! This sentient virus, and his lieutenant Tenaya 7, laid waste to Corinth before his eventual defeat... or so we thought. For a time he lay dormant, before rising once more as Evox, a powerful Avatar entity who threatened the world of the Beast Morphers Rangers — including newcomers Nate Silva and Steel!

    This is an expansion. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is required to play.


    • Introduces one of the greatest villains in Power Rangers history, the sentient virus known as Venjix
    • 2 new bosses – Tenaya 7 and Evox
    • 2 new Rangers – Nate Silva and Steel


    • 2 Ranger Figures
    • 2 Character Cards
    • 20 Combat Cards
    • 3 Zord Cards
    • 1 Megazord Card
    • 1 Monster Figure
    • 2 Boss Figures
    • 24 Enemy Cards
    • 3 Deployment Cards


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