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Power Rangers Deck Building Game: RPM: Get In Gear

Item #: RGS02421 [810011724211]
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    • Players: 2 - 4
    • Ages: 13+
    • Playing Time: 30 - 70 Min

    Pedal to the Metal!

    The Venjix computer virus has built armies of robots and taken over the world! The only thing that stands in the way are the Ranger Operators. Faster-than-ever gameplay includes new strategies such as building up RPM to penetrate your foe's defenses or draining their energy to leave them weakened!


    • 12 Basic Cards
    • 36 Main Deck Cards
    • 10 Signature Equipment Cards
    • 5 Zord Cards
    • 5 Master Cards
    • 10 Character Cards

    This expansion requires the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Core Set or Zeo – Stronger Than Before to play.


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