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Planet Apocalypse: Void Pack - PETPAE1 [680569978172]
Planet Apocalypse: Void Pack - PETPAE1 [680569978172]

Planet Apocalypse: Void Pack

Item #: PETPAE1 [680569978172]
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    • Number of players : 1-5
    • Playing time : 60 - 90 Min.
    • Recommended ages : 14+

    This is an expansion that requires the Planet Apocalypse Main Game in order to play.

    It is the End Times, and the hordes of Hell are invading our world. Destroy the Hellgate & save our world!

    Planet Apocalypse is an exciting cooperative game for 1 - 5 players. You are post-apocalypse heroes confronting the hordes of hell! Every game is different, and every game is tense, as you battle demons from the circles of hell, and in the end strive to take down their demon lord! Send Hell back whence it came!

    Fantasy Horror


    Cooperative Game

    Role Playing

    High Quality Miniatures

    From the designer of "DOOM"

    The game is primarily a battle game, but also has a tower-defense element, and a roleplaying element as you build up your heroes over time.

    It has large high-quality plastic figures, scaled to 28mm so they can be used in other games.

    This expansion to Planet Apocalypse contains:

    3 Demon figures

    2 Lord figures

    2 Hero miniatures


    2 Maps (Launch Pad + Moon Base)


    2 Hero Sheets

    3 Demon Sheets

    2 Lord Sheets


    10 Gift cards

    2 Legion Cards (Pandemonium, Styx)

    3 Region Cards (Space, USA, Texas)

    42 Trooper Cards (8x Nasa, 8x Cosmonaut, 4x Nacy Seal, 4x Texas Ranger, 4x US Marines, 6x Evangelicals, 8x Gang)


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