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Normandy: Alone in the Storm

Item #: HPS-DIAITSING [602561843005]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $84.95

    • Players: 1-2
    • Playing Time: 60-120 Minutes
    • Ages: 12+
    • Complexity: -/ 5

    Alone in the Storm (AITS) provides an exciting and new game experience for newbies and veteran players of War Storm Series games. This expansion pack includes 2 game modes: solitaire game and semi-cooperative game mode.

    It also keeps the main rules and game concepts of each game in the War Storm Series.

    Alone in the Storm is compatible with all War Storm Series games. You can play solitaire or  semi-cooperative mode for all games of the series (even future titles) by combining the base game with this expansion pack. All scenarios included in the base game may be played in solitaire or with a partner from both sides, and there are specific rules to play point based scenarios too.

    The battlefields are ready!! They are waiting for you… and you are alone. Are you ready for the Storm is coming?


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