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Mother Of Monsters: Stone Mother's Assault (5e)

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    Isles of Adventure Inspired by Greek Mythology! The 64-page Mother of Monsters Player’s Guide brings your players insights into the politics and geography of the their realm, alongside new player options to create heroes unique to the Kagari Islands. This spoiler-free resource has all the information your player’s need and nothing they don't, including new races, classes, feats, spells, and even a custom language! 6 new player lineages, including galbiska, maegalin, centaur, minotaur, pikari merfolk, and the variant humans of the Kagari Isles. New class options for barbarians, bards, fighters, and monks. Expanded background options for the core 5E character backgrounds, as well as new backgrounds like Shield Daughter of Kamorra and Demigod! Over a dozen new feats and spells like Gigantism, Horned Warrior, thunder stomp, and zephyr movement!


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