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Meeple Circus XL (Giant Edition)

Item #: MT-CIRCUS-XL-021 [3760146645905]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $175.95

    Players: 2-5
    : 8+
    : 45 min
    : 1.40 / 5

    Skillfully assemble your acrobats, circus animals, and guest stars into a show-stopping performance that will have everyone on the edge of their seat. But beware, competition is fierce! The most gravity-defying performance will achieve the greatest score. Each troupe will perform seemingly impossible acrobatics to wow the crowd and earn the most points.

    Let the show begin!

    Through close collaboration with Matagot Editions, Collector's Shelf is very excited to release a GIANT version of the beloved classic Meeple Circus. All of your favorite high-flying meeples will come to life in front of you as GIANT ACROBATS, ELEPHANTS, HORSES, GUEST STARS and MORE!


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