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Maul Peak

Item #: PFX1020 [793888277113]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $45.95

    Recommended Age: 12 +

    Recommended Players: 2 Players

    Playing time: 40 minutes

    Skulk Hollow might have been attacked by surprise, but now all the smallfolk know: Titanic monsters walk the land. High in the cold western mountains, Maul Peak has always been surrounded by wild peril. The Grizzar are ready; the Guardians have arrived! Maul Peak is the standalone, cross-compatible sequel to Skulk Hollow. It features 2-player asymmetric tactical combat where players take on the roles of either the fierce bears or a towering behemoth of a Guardian. Featuring unique winter beasts for the Grizzar to choose from and 4 Guardians, many exciting matchups and challenges lie ahead in these battles that span the board AND the Guardian!


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