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M.S.G.: Mecha Supply 10 Detail Cover Type A

Item #: KOTO-MJ10X [4934054048557]
Availability: Coming Soon


    The highly requested detail parts made to cover the 3mm connection points on models from Frame Arms, Hexa Gear, and more finally join the MECHA SUPPLY series.

    Several standard designs are available, including the popular minus mold.

    All detail covers come with a 3mm joint on the back that can be attached to the 3mm connection points of various series to easily add detail. By combining these with the included 3mm attachment universal spacer joint, users can further expand how this product is utilized.

    ■ In addition to long and short joints, there are two types of details on the 3mm joints to fill unnecessary 3mm connection points so users can customize as they see fit.

    ■ Along with long and short types, various other spacer parts, such as concave-convex, pipe, and convex-convex types are included, allowing users to combine them as they see fit.

    Included Items:
    ■ Universal Spacer Joints: [A Runner] x1
    ■ Detail Covers: [B Runner] x2
    ■ Detail Covers: [C Runner] x2

    (This item is a reproduction.)


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