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Kings of War: Halfling: Stalwarts Battlegroup

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    Some units of halflings have made soldiering a full time profession These Stalwarts are better equipped than the Trained Bands, with metal armour (a mix of thick leather and plate mail), helmets and strong shields Heavier battle cavalry, mounted on armoured aralez are armed with lances They are designated as knights by outsiders simply because their weapons, equipment, and battlefield role is similar to the knights of other armies However, as the halflings have no noble class, the name ‘ is misleading in the true sense The halflings themselves know them as Juggers.


    • 1x Halfling Sprue
    • 2x Resin Stalwarts Upgrade (5)
    • 1x Resin Juggers Upgrade (5)
    • 1x 20mm Base Sprue
    • 5x MDF Cavalry Bases


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