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Kings Of War: A Storm In The Shires

Item #: MG-KWM115 [5060924980494]
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    This fantastic starter set introduces the brave and stubborn halflings defending their peaceful Shires from the brutal and marauding Riftforged Orcs With 87 Mantic miniatures, a painting guide and all the rules needed to play, this is a great place for players to begin their Kings of War journey in the fantasy world of Pannithor.


    • 1x Resin Stormbringer on Manticore
    • 4x Riftforged Orc Infantry Sprue
    • 1x Resin Muster Captain on Aralez
    • 3x Halflings Sprue
    • 3x 20mm Base Sprue
    • 25mm Base Sprue
    • 17x Cavalry Base
    • 1x Kings of War Gamer's Edition rulebook
    • 1x A5 Storm in the Shires Book


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