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Jack & the Beanstalk - PBJB01 [3760175514166]
Jack & the Beanstalk - PBJB01 [3760175514166]

Jack & the Beanstalk

Item #: PBJB01 [3760175514166]
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    • Players: 2-5
    • Playing Time: 20 Min
    • Ages: 7+
    • Complexity: 1.00 / 5

    You are trying to climb the Magic Beanstalk to reach the Giant’s castle and bring back as many sacks of gold as possible! Taking turns, choose the number of dice you will roll, then stack them to make the Magic Beanstalk grow. If a player knocks over the stack while building the Beanstalk, the other players can steal the Giant’s sacks of gold! The richest player at the end of the game wins.

    Jack & the Beanstalk is the eighth game of the Tales & Games series.


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