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Iron Kingdoms RPG: Scoundrel's of the Nightmare Empire: RPG Miniatures (5E)

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    Nightmare Empire and its companion books cast a spyglass on the Scharde Islands and Cryx. This massive archipelago contains numerous islands inhabited by unscrupulous pirates, bold seafarers, and the ranks of the undead. Nightmare Empire expands the setting of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem with a comprehensive region to explore, one with its own stories, intrigue, and perils for characters to experience while traveling the high seas. If you’ve ever wanted to cross swords with legions of machine-enhanced undead on the deck of a warship, longed to play as a wraith who wields a pair of pistols, or sought to command a black-iron hulled war machine, Nightmare Empire is the book for you.


    • For the first time, IKRPG players will be able to step into the shoes of the inhabitants of Cryx and the Scharde Islands.
    • Nightmare Empire offers detailed information about the island nation and a look inside daily life in the shadow of the Dragonfather, expanding on almost every option available to players of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem.
    • Nightmare Empire offers 5e players a host of new ancestries, all-new classes, and subclasses, as well as magic, equipment, feats, and more to bring a bit of full metal fantasy into their games of 5e.


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