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Infinity The Roleplaying Game: Ships Of The Human Sphere

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    The Seccond Race for the Stars is far behind us. Now it is time to reap the rewards and reach for Infinity and conquer the galaxy! Never has humanity had such a variety of vessels to explore, colonise, trade, and enjoy the void between the stars as today. The constant expansion of the Human Sphere is firmly based on its exploring, travelling, and controlling capabilities made real thanks to the vast variety of spaceships, from planetary shuttles to Intra-system probes and the all-might behemoths–the Circulars. Travelling the Sphere’s systems in a huge plethora of vehicles, from the purely utilitarian to the uber-luxurious, is now a simple matter of having the credit or the backup of your empresa. No world is off-limits for the curious and ambitious. A planet’s fate may be decided by its surface battles, but the power that controls its space wins the war. Every faction in the Human Sphere has imprinted its personality and military approach to their fleets–in design, equipment, and tactics–requiring carefully planned strategies and competent admirals to carry the day. Thus, veteran Yujingyu fleets face the vast PanOceanian firepower, the sneaky Haqqislamite armadas, the insidious and chaotic Nomad privateers, the sleek ALEPH sentient ships, the Teseum-clad gunships from Kosmoflot, the persuasive Starmada spacecraft, and the brutal and duplicitous Combined Army, amongst other pirates, alien and non-aligned flotillas. Be it scientific mission, humanitarian endeavour, commercial operations or military blockades, this book has everything your campaign will need to ensure the mighty void of the Human Sphere us yours for the taking! Remember, space is out there trying to kill you, so why not make sure your enemies go first? The Ships of the Human Sphere Sourcebook includes: A complete catalogue of all spacefaring vessels in the Human Sphere–human or otherwise–from humble dingy and tugboat to planet-killer dreadnoughts and space stations! The rollcall for the most powerful warships in the universe, including the majestic flagships of the G5 Nations and the Combined Armada’s darkest secrets. A comprehensive guide of gear, upgrades, and customisation options for your spaceships and your faithful crew! Rules on how to engage your enemy amid the void, making sure you blow them to bits, be it on a one-to-one campaign or a full-fledged stellar fleet battle!


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